Frequently Asked Questions

It can be a bit daunting to have your photograph taken. I will make you feel at ease on the day, but you may still have a few questions.

Below are some of the more frequently asked questions I get.

How much does it cost?

For just £149, I will come to your location* with my portable studio, and take your photo. I know you are busy, so you shouldn’t be taken out of your work for longer than necessary. (* travel charge may apply if over 40 miles from Southampton)

How long does a Session Last?

Once set up, taking the photo and choosing your favourites takes less than an hour. If you want to change outfits or have photos taken away from the studio set-up, then this may add to the time

Can I have photos taken away from the standard backdrop/studio set-up?

Absolutely! If I am at your place of work, why not make the most of getting some photos in your work environment? Extra photos can be purchased as detailed on the Pricing page.

How many photos do you take?

Usually, anything around 50 photos. This will fluctuate if you have different outfits for example.

How many do I get?

For the standard session price, you get 2 fully edited, High-resolution photos, chosen by you on the day of the shoot. If you love more, then you can purchase more after the session

Can you match headshots my company or I have had before?

Yes! Having a matching look and branding across your company is important, and I can match what you have had before. All I would need is an existing photo sent over before the session.

Can you photograph Teams?

If you need your team or department photographed, then this can be achieved in one sitting. We can set up for a few hours in a convenient space, and photograph the team through the session, at times convenient to you and your personnel.