Why do I need a Professional Headshot?

Why have a Headshot?

Most professionals need a Headshot. Whether for a Profile Picture (Linked In, Facebook), an email footer, or a portfolio.

In addition, companies may want their staff, especially those in management positions, to have a professional headshot.

This can really make the difference on an About Us, or a Meet the Team page on your website. It adds personality, it adds professionalism, but, it also adds a personal touch. Potential clients can see, read and learn all about your team, meaning they could feel they already know a little bit about you before you even meet.

It puts a face to a business.

These days, with the advent of online platforms, and online marketing, a professional Headshot photograph is crucial for your online presence.

It will get you noticed, and make you stand out from the crowd.

It also gives an impression. An impression you care about your online presence.

How can I help?

I can come to you, at your place of work with my mobile studio set up. Although the ideal space needed is roughly 4 metres squared, with a bit of creativity, I can do what I do in a smaller area.

The ideal room will be one with minimal windows with blinds that can be pulled, but again, I can work with what I am given on the day.

I have a range of coloured backdrops, or the traditional black and white.

If you are an individual, I can tailor the colour to your clothing or your brand.

Why have a moody, dark, serious headshot on a black background if you are a party planner!!

If your branding is bright and colourful? Why not have a bright pink or a bright yellow background? Your headshot photograph should be a reflection of you, your brand, and your business.

Before the session

Prior to the day itself, you will have filled out an online pre-shoot consultation form.

This will have a few questions to help me better understand a bit about you, or your business, and what type of photo or photographs you are looking for.

If you are an individual, you will have access to your very own Portal, showing all the details of your shoot, your package, and any past or future bookings. This portal is also where you will access your galleries.

For corporations or Team Headshots, these are usually batch delivered direct, as this is usually the easiest way for companies to manage the photos.

How does it work on the day?

The session itself should last no longer than 2 hours. This largely depends on how comfortable you are in front of the camera.

This includes time for a quick chat prior, and time at the end for you to see and choose your favourites.

If you like taking the time to try new things, then great! If you want to get in, take the shot, and get out, then that is also ok.

I know you are busy, and I won’t keep you any longer than necessary.

At the end of the session, you can see your photos instantly, and I have a method where you can pick your favourites at the touch of iPad Screen!

After the Shoot

This is where I will do my thing polishing your favourite photos. Simple editing, exposure check, minor sharpening, etc

We can also discuss extensive editing. Blemish removal, eye sharpening, and minor fixes that are mainly due to temporary imperfections.

I do not believe in image manipulation. For example, freckles / moles / permanent features will never be touched, unless specifically asked. However, temporary blemishes, such as spots, cuts, or temporary marks to the skin will be removed. Any changes of this effect will always be discussed first.

When edited I will deliver them to you via an online gallery, where you can view and download them.

Some samples of my work are below and head over to the Pricing page to find out the costs to capture your perfect images.

Examples of my Work

Prices start from just £199