Why do I need a Professional Headshot? 7 Reasons

A Professional Headshot is very popular in places like Linked In and Social Media Channels. It is a photograph of you, usually from the chest up, that can be used to immediately identify you.

Most online Profile photographs are not very big, so a full-length photograph will not identify you properly. Therefore, the best solution is a Headshot. Professionally taken, to make you instantly recognisable.

Listed below are a few reasons as to why having a Professional Headshot taken is crucial in today’s online world.

First Impressions

First Impressions Last, as the saying goes. If you are a professional in any industry, then you must, MUST, make a good first impression.

Typically, when someone ‘meets’ you for the first time online, your profile photo is the first thing they see.

Make sure it sets a good First Impression, with your Professional Headshot.

Credibility and Professionalism

Having a Professional Headshot means you are a professional. You care about your image. Enough to go to the trouble of getting a headshot taken professionally.

Far better than a phone selfie taken against an (off) white wall.

Brand Recognition

Having the same or similar Profile Photos over all your online channels is not only a professional thing to do, but also it promotes your Brand.

The same colours, the same face, and a degree of professionalism over all your online channels are vital in today’s day and age.

A Professional Headshot is not that expensive

Of course, I would say that wouldn’t I? But they are not.

You can get yourself a great selection of Portraits and Headshots for as little as £99.

Puts a Face to a Name

When a potential Client looks you up online (which they do) they will know exactly what they are going to get.

They recognise you as you. Putting a face to a name has already broken the ice, and makes everyone feel more comfortable with that first meeting.

Makes you stand out

Not everyone has taken the time, and invested in a professional headshot. Make sure you are the one that stands out.

It proves you care about your appearance and your professionalism, and are proud of your business, your brand, or who you work for.

Use your Professional Headshot Anywhere

Linked In, Social Media, Company Websites….the list goes on!

I go into a bit more detail on this in an upcoming post, so check back for that.

Conclusion as to why you should invest in a Professional Headshot

While it may seem like an unnecessary thing to do, the above demonstrates why it is the total opposite.

Professionalism, Branding, and setting a good impression is crucial in today’s online world.

If you are thinking about getting a headshot, then don’t forget to contact me, and also check out THIS post about how to prepare for the session.

Invest in yourself, your brand, and your business. Contact me to secure a date for your Professional Headshot.