How to use Lightroom with the Apple Photos app

If you are a Lightroom user, like me. And an Apple user, like me, then perhaps you are looking for a solution to how to use Lightroom with the Apple Photos app?

No? Oh, well. In that case, why not go and check out these Lightroom tips. One all about Rating Your Photos or this one, all about Renaming Your Photos.


If however, you are, then here you go. A video explaining exactly how you can do, and how it only takes a few seconds.

Short Video

Long Video

It is really super simple, once the process is in place, which takes about 2 minutes. Then you can get your photos from Lightroom to the Apple photos app in literally a matter of seconds.

Lightroom to Apple Photos App – It really is super quick!

Once the export preset is set up, each time you edit your images, you choose the ones you want to transfer to the Apple Photos app. Around 10 clicks or less, your photos are in the App, and on your phone.

How to use Lightroom with the Apple Photos app

My Gear

In case anyone was wondering, in terms of gear, here is the main kit I use.

Please note I use the Telsin Charger,
but GoPro Brand Batteries

It really is that easy, and hopefully, the video will make that super clear.

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